• Unity developer
  • Full-stack developer
  • iOS developer
  • Android developer
  • Technical artist
  • Facebook developer


At Spooklight we always have a place for the best who strive to make the world magical. Our growing team designs experiments combining art and technology with unmatched expertise.

If you also want to become a magician, if you cannot imagine a job other than one that allows you to push the limits of what’s possible, if you want to imagine with us the world of tomorrow, then continue to read...

Magic Leap, Microsoft, Apple, ODG and so many others are investing billions every year in the development of a new reality: mixed reality. These giants are now going to need quality content to support this revolution. The mission of Spooklight is to make reality magic with these new platforms.

Storyfab (, our first product, allows everyone to become a filmmaker. Storyfab was first designed for mixed reality glasses and was then adapted to make the most of the devices available to as many people as possible. All our other products are developed according to the same approach; imagine the future and make it accessible to everyone today.

Kouji (, our newest product is re-inventing video messaging using 3D avatars and augmented reality. In a digital age where cameras are pointing less and less to our faces, we created a new way to communicate with your friends or simple create engaging content for your social networks. Create your avatar or simply use your friends' to create a short story about your mood right there in your environment.


  • You get bored very quickly when you don’t have challenges up to your abilities.
  • You are looking for an adventure that will offer you challenges and responsibilities that are always beyond your comfort level.

  • Like us, you do not count your hours as long as you like what you do.

  • Your job is your passion and you excel in it.

  • You are curious and open for the unknown; discovering a new technology is one of your favorite hobbies.

  • Being part of the Spooklight family does not scare you. You seek to work with people who complement you and not who resemble you and invest you with them for the success of a common adventure.

  • Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Extended Reality, all this together is the digital future and you are dreaming of inventing it (with us).

If you recognize yourself in these points then perhaps you have the soul of a Spooklight wizard...


  • 2’300 CHF gross salary during the first 6 months (represent approx. 2’100 CHF net salary after taxes)

  • After 6 months, in line with your performance, 10% gross salary increase OR one work day per week where you can dedicate yourself to your personal projects or to continuous education

  • Job based in Geneva (Switzerland) close to the French border in our fantastic office (we are very proud of our offices...)

  • You have a European Union passport (as a swiss company we are not allowed to recruit outside EU)


  • Portfolio / Website - We do not care about your diplomas but show us what you have done.

  • Make an effort to discover us and send us a short relevant message rather than a copy and paste of your cover letter.